Social Scientist. v 12, no. 135 (Aug 1984) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist

Monthly Journal of the Indian School of Social Sciences


Prabhat^a^k / CONTENTS

EDITORIAL BOARD Editorial Note I* M J K Thavaraj

Jacob Eapcn Mode of Production and the Extent of Peasant Kltty Menon Differentiation in Pro-British Bengal

Biplab Dasgupta 3

EDITORIAL OFFICE . . . . . ^, 424 V P House lne Transformation of Agrarian Structure: The

New Delhi-110001 Vietnamese Experience

Francois Houtart 35 CIRCULATION AND


24/1212. Mettukkada, NOTES

Trivandrum-695 014 Subsistence Tenancy in a Backward Agrarian Settings

SUBSCRIPTION RATES A case stud^ ^ North Bihar

INLAND B N Verma and R R Mishra 46

2 ^arsr Rs l^ Tribal Development with Special Reference to Annual : Rs 65 J^orth'East India

(Students : Rs 50) Atui Goswami 55 Half-yearly : Rs 35 Single copy ; Rs 6 The Eighth Finance Commission

S D 61


(Annual in^ ^^i BOOK REVIEW

(USA and CanX^O Probabilities of the Quautnm World

(Other countries) : 24 Rajendra Prasad 64

Articles, notes and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School Social Sciences.

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