Social Scientist. v 13, no. 140 (Jan 1985) p. Verso.

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ADVISORY EDITORS ^-^ • -| Ashok Mitra ^^ f\ 01 €1 I

' AmarteffduGuha -- — k^W

Kisho^xs scientist

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS ^"^ Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) Monthly Journal of the

^S»;."S2 """-'• ^irf^is^

Javeed Alam (Simla) VOLUME 13 JANUARY V K Ramachandran (Madras) NUMBER 1 1985

EDITORIAL BOARD M J K Thavaraj Jacob Eapen Madhu Prasad




Prabhat Patnaik


424, V P House, CONTENTS New Delhi-110 001 V-UJ•( lALrN Ao


ADVERTISEMENT Editorial Note 1 B-l, Second Floor LSC,

J Block Saket, Weber, Gramsci and Capitalism New Delhi-110017 —Asok Sen 3


INLAND Economics and the UK Miners9 Strike

3 years Rs 150 —Andrew Glyn 23 2 years Rs 120 Annual Rs 65 (Students Rs 50) Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Institutions and Libraries -Delhi science Fomm 32 RslOO

Half-yearly Rs 35 REVIEW ARTICLE Single copy Rs 6 *Rs 3 extra if by cheque Economic History or an Apologia for Colonialism

FOREIGN —Suaranjan Chatterjee 54 (Annual in U S dollars) Sea Mail: 30 Air Mail: 40

Articles and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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