Social Scientist. v 13, no. 144 (May 1985) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist


Ashok Mitra Monthly Journal of the

Amalendu Guha Indian School of Social Sciences

IrfanHabib VOLUME 13 MAY Amiya Bagchi NUMBER 5 1985 Kishorc Theckedath


Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) Sanjaya Baru (Hyderabad) Atis Dasgupta (Calcutta) CONTENTS

Javced Alam (Shimla) V K Ramachandran (Madras)

EDITORIAL BOARD Editorial Note !

Jacob Eapen Madhu Prasad Uneven Development, The Russian

MANAGING EDITOR Question and Marxian Paradigm

Rajcndra Prasad —Kalyan Dasgupta 3

EDITOR pouncal Economy of'Korean Miracle'

Prabhat Patnalk _. .. , - , _ —Gmjesh Pant 19


424 V P House wo ^V0168 of Reform in Bulgaria

New Delhi-110 001 —D Dcbroy 31



B-l. Second Floor LSC. ^on-Party Formations in India: The Other J Block Saket,

New Delhi-110017 Face ^^^m

—Mohinder Kumar 50 SUBSCRIPTION RATES*

INLAND Vietnam: Ten Years After Victory

3 years Rs 150 -GVC Naidu 58 2 years Rs 120

Annual Rs 65 OBITUARY (Students Rs 50) Institutions and Libraries MJKThavraj

Rs 100 —Prabhat Patnaik 65 Single copy Rs 6

*Rs 3 extra if by cheque

BOOK REVIEWS FOREIGN (Annual in U S dollars) Tribal Peasantry

Sea Mail : 30 —Vidhu Verma 68 Air Mail: 40

Articles and reviews express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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