Social Scientist. v 13, no. 145 (June 1985) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist

ADVISORY EDITORS ., ,- . , ,. , AshokMitra Monthly Journal of the

Amalendu Guha Indian School of Social Sciences

Irfan Habib VOLUME 13 JUNE AmiyaBagchi NUMBER 6 1985 Kishore Theckedath

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS . Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) j Sanjaya Baru (Hyderabad) Atis Dasgupta (Calcutta)

Javeed Alam (Shimla) V K Ramachandran (Madras)


MadhuPrasad CONTENTS MANAGING EDITOR Rajendra Prasad

EDITOR Editorial Note }

Prabhat Patnaik

EDITORIAL OFFICE Political Processes and Structures of 424 V P House Polity in Early Medieval India :

New Delhi-110 001 Problems of Perspective

CIRCULATION AND —-B.D. Chattopadhyaya 3

ADVERTISEMENT ^ ^,^ Q^^ ^ Kashmir B-l, Second Floor LSC, —Prakash Chandra 35

J Block Saket, New Delhi-110017 The Crisis and Women's Struggle

SUBSCRIPTION RATES- in India (1970-77) . INLAND —Meera Velayudhan 57 (

3 years Rs 150

2 years Rs 120 NOTE Annual Rs 65 (Students Rs 50) p Sundarayya and tlie Land Question

Institutions and Libraries -Sridhar Krishna 69 Rs 100

Single copy Rs 6 BOOK REVIEW Rs 3 extra if by cheque

FOREIGN Nuclear Proliferation ana {Annual in U S dollars} ^emotional Security

Sea Mail : 30 —MKJ 73 Air Mail : 40

Articles and reviews express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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