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The handloom products of West Bengal have been, for years, a great attraction for people with taste. The reason is simple : texture, design and quality have always been of supreme standard and has set the trend in modern fashion.

Baluchari, Jamdani, Vishnupur, Murshidabad, Santipur, Dhonekhali, Tangail sarees along with Polysters, Bedsheets, Bedcovers etc., have always enchanted with artistic spell—connoisseurs and customers alike. Bengal's Handloom has, indeed, become richer through the ages.

Likewise, West Bengal's handicrafts have earned a name here and abroad. The sensitive and artistic work of the craftsmen have transferred the terracotta works of Bankura, the ivory works of Murshidabad, the brassware of Dhokra or the pith works of Kumar-tuli into objects d' art. All these have been adorning many a household and it is time it did yours too!

Priced very moderately to suit your budget, you can be sure of finding something which appeals to you aesthaticaUy

Visit any shop today, see for yourself, and take home a tradition.

Shopping Outlets :

'Tantuja' and "Tantusree9 for Handloom products 'Man-jusa9 and 'Gramin9 for Handcrafts

Give tradition a your life style.



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