Social Scientist. v 13, no. 149-50 (Oct-Nov 1985) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist

ADVISORY EDITORS ., ,, . , . .

Ashok Mitra ^^Y Joumal ^^ Amalendu Guha Indian School of Social Sciences

IrfanHabib VOLUME 13 OCTOBER-NOVEMBER Amiya Bagchi NUMBER 10-11 1985 Kishore Theckedath

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) Sanjaya Baru (Hyderabad) Atis Dasgupta (Calcutta)

Javeed Alam (Shimla)


Jacob Eapen „..,, »r - i x^r ju n j Editorial Note ' Madhu Prasad

....,., The Woman Question: Perspectives for Today MANAGING EDITOR —Nina Rao 3

Rajendra Prasad

EDITOR wom€n9s Education

PrabhatPatnaik -Balaji Pande 11

EmoSALOmai fw"ttl"""" -S.^H««ln » 424, V P House,

New Delhi-110 001 Exploitation of Women Labour CIRCULATION AND —P.M. Mathew 28

ADVERTISEMENT Modernisation and Marginalisation B-l. Second Floor LSC, —Nirmala Banerjee 48

J Block Sakct. Women's Studies and Crisis in Africa New Delhi-110017 —Marjoric Mbilinyi 72

SUBSCRIPTION RATES* ^n€ ^ff^wr Process and Working at Home

INLAND —Sheila Alien 86 3 years Rs 150 Women and the Industrial Reserve Army 2 years Rs 120 —U. Kalpagam 95

Annual Rs 65 Women's Issues in the Performing Arts (Students Rs 50) -Vidya Rao 116 Institutions and Libraries


Single copy Rs 12 Testimonies ofNicaraguan Women in Struggle 'Rs 3 extra if by cheque —Shaswati Mazumdar 121

FOREIGN Women and Revolution in Vietnam

(Annual in U S dollars) —N.R. 126 Sea Mail: 30 Tyranny of the Household Air Mail: 40 —Jayoti Gupta 128

Articles and reviews express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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