Social Scientist. v 13, no. 149-50 (Oct-Nov 1985) p. Back material.

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A Monthly Review of Contemporary Asian Affairs Articles in 198$:__________

ROBERT (i. WIRSING The Arms Race in South Asia: Implications for the U.S.

J. HENRY KORSON AND MICHELLE MASK1ELL Islamization and Social Policy in Pakistan

JAN S. PRYBYLA The Chinese Economy: Adjustment of the System or Systematic Reform?

LAWRENCE M. NJOROC.E Japan-Soviet Union Territorial Dispute Appraised

MURRAY J. LEAF The Punjab Crisis

RASUL B. RA1S Nuclear Proliferation Prospects for Pakistan

AKI YOSHIKAWA AND BRIAN WOOD/K^L The Venture Boom' and Japanese Industrial Policy

ANITA M WEISS Women's Position in Pakistan: Sociocultural Effects of Islamization

EBERHARD SANDSCHNE1DER Political Succession in the PRO: Rule by Purge

JUSTUS M. VAN DER KROEF Petrus: Patterns of Prophylactic Murder in Indonesia

ROBERT (: HORN Southeast Asian Perceptions of American Foreign Policy A special issue on South Asian Regional Cooperation will be also published in 1985.

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