Social Scientist. v 2, no. 14 (Sept 1973) p. 2.

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Dr K R BHATTACHARTA is at the Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore. He is also President of the Scientific Workers Association of India,

TAP AS K ROY CHAUDHURI is in the Department of History, University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

GO RAN DJURFELDT is in the Department of Sociology, University ofLundy Sweden.

K L HALDAR is the Secretary of the All India Non-Gazetted Audit and Accounts Association^ East J^one.

PRAKASH KARAT is at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

MICHAEL T KLARE is a staff member of North American Congress on Latin

America, Berkeley, USA.

V C KOSHT is research scholar at the Centre for Political studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is also President of the University Students Union.

STAFFAN LINDBERG is in the Department of Sociology, University of Lund, Sweden.

AMARENDRA MUKHERJEE is on the editorial staff of the People's Democracy, weekly organ of the Communist Party India (Marxist )y Calcutta,

E M S NAMBOODIR1PAD is member of the Polit Bureau, Communist Party of India (Marxist).

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