Social Scientist. v 13, no. 151 (Dec 1985) p. 67.

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Volume 13 Issues 140 tO 151


Title Issue !^g


Krishna, Sridhar P. Sundarayya and the

Land Question(A) 145 69

Rashid, Seikh Mohammed Land Reforms in Pakistan (A) 148 44


Chenoy, Kamal Mitra Industrial Policy and Multinational

Corporations in India(A) 142 15

Dhar, Biswafit Technology Indigenisation and

External Influences : Case of

Fertiliser Industry in India(A) 1'42 S^

Rajendra B. and G.K. Lieten The Sovereign Power of Phillips

in India(A) 142 49

Economic Policy

Athreya, Venkatesh Some Implications of the

New Economic Policy(A) 146-147 18

Bagchi, Amiya, Arun Ghosh Industrial Policy and the

and Sreemanth Dasgupta Economy(A) 148 3

Baru, Sanjaya The Economic and Political

Consequences of the

Fund-Bank Strategy( A) 146-147 27

Patnaik, Prabhat On the Political Economy of

Economic "Liberalisation"

(A) 146-147 S

Ramanna, R. and Theoretical Presuppositions

Adity*! Bhattacharjea for Liberalisation :

A Critique(A) 146-147 60

Sanyal, Ama! The New Economic Policy:

An Overview(A) 151 J)

Statement on Current Economic PC dicv of the Government

and Alternatives T 46-147 W

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