Social Scientist. v 15, no. 167-68 (April-May 1987) p. Verso.

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ISSN 0970-0293

ADVISORY EDITORSAshok Mitra Amalendu Guha Social

Irfan Habib Amiya Bagchi Scientist

Kishore Theckedath Jacob Eapen Monthly Journal of the

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Indian School of Social Sciences

Thomas Isaac (Trivandrum) VOLUME 15 APRIL-MAY

Sanjaya Baru (Hyderabad) NUMBER 4-5 1987

Atis Dasgupta (Calcutta)

Javeed Alam (Shimla)

V K Ramachandran (Madras)

Venkatesh Athreya (Madras)


Madhu Prasad R-"

Utsa Patnaik

R.R. Krishnan

D. Raghunandan C. Rajamohan CONTENTS

C.P. Chandrasekhar Editorial Note 1


Rajendra PrasadCT^TT'/^'D Jb-UI 1 UK World Monetary Reform : Some Needed Initiatives

Prabhat Patnaik —I.S. Gulati 3

EDITORIAL OFFICE Active State Control Vs. Market Guidance

423. V P House, in A Dependent Capitalist Economy :

New Delhi-110001 The Case of Sri Lanka—1970-84

CIRCULATION AND —W. D. Lakshman 10

ADVERTISEMENT The Current Conjuncture in the

B-l. Second Floor LSC. World Capitalist Crisis

J Block Saket, —Prabhat Patnaik 45

New Delhi-110017 Structural Changes in the International


INLAND —Sanjaya Baru 58

3 years : Rs 150 International Commodity Agreements :

2 years : Rs 120 The Case of Natural Rubber

Annual : Rs 65 —Tharian George K 77

(Students : Rs 50)

Institutions and Libraries Oil Revenue and the Militaristion of Iran :

(Annual): Rs 100 1960-1978

Single copy : Rs 12 —Morteza Gharehaghian 87

*Rs 3 extra if by cheque Regulatory Policy and Industrial Growth :

FOREIGN The World Bank View

{Annual in US dollars) —C.P. Chandrasekhar 101

AirMail : 50 BOOK REVIEW

Lenin and Imperialism 122

Articles and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors

or of the Indian School of Social Sciences,

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