Social Scientist. v 15, no. 169 (June 1987) p. Back material.

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A decade age we assumed office in West Bengal with a massive popular mandate. Therefter people have renewed their verdict twice in our favour. The Left Front Government has commenced work for the third consecutive term.

All these years our endevour has been to restore to people their democratic rights and privileges. West Bengal is the vanguard of democracy in India. We are committed to the task of fostering communal harmony, peace and order in the State. We shall uphold this tradition in the vitiated climate of the rest of the country.

With people's cooperation we are now implementing our basic programme. We are trying our best to do away with the disparity of the village economy. Surplus land is being distributed among the landless. The rights of the rural poor are being safeguarded. The Panchayat Bodies have emerged as so many symbols of popular enterprise in the rural areas.

Against deprivation and discrimination we are striving for the improvement of the industrial climate of the State. We shall continue our efforts rele-ntlessly to revive sick industries, to increase small and medium units and to set up big industries. Meanwhile power situation has also improved.

In the field of education, normalcy has been restored. In the fields of sports and culture, as well as in other spheres, we are taking new steps towards progress. In the overall crisis currently facing the natson, the Left Front Government is determined to carve out a new course of action based on an alternate policy. And for all our endeavours we need people's active cooperation.

ICA 3052/87

Government of West Bengal

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