Social Scientist. v 16, no. 183 (Aug 1988) p. Back material.

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During the past decade or so China has made adjustments in both the theory and practice of socialism while grappling with problems of developments. The consequences of these new experiments are still not clear to many and therefore a sense of bafflement persists in assessing their quality and content. The articles in this volume arc in the nature of comments by a number of Indian social scientists on aspects of the recent socio-political and economic developments in China. Most of the contributors have visited China in the recent period. The list of contents given below gives an idea of the areas covered. Important data not easily available elsewhere are presented in support of targu-ments that are ideologically differentiated. The heterogeneity in impressions is perhaps inevitable given the nature of unfolding events in China. The volume is of value in that it presents a set of expert views on how China is doing today, the directions she is likely to take in the near future, and the problems she might have to encounter in that process.

Introduction Ashok Mitra

Demographic Trends and Population

Policy in China Pravin Visaria

Economic Reform in China: Some

Observations A. Vaidyanathan

Three Communes and a Production

Brigade: The Contract Responsibility

System in China Utsa Patnaik

Economic Change in China: Some

Impressions K.S. Krishnaswamy

The External Sector in Chinese

Economic Development Deepak Nayyar

National and Local Level Planning:

China, the USSR, India N.K. Chandra

China's Policy Towards Her Minority

Nationalities Liu Xingwu & Alatan

A'Candidate Superpower* among the

'Filthy Swines*: Emergence of China in

World Politics G.P. Deshpande

Experiments in Socialist Practice: Some

Impressions of China Malini Bhattacharya

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