Social Scientist. v 16, no. 184 (Sept 1988) p. Back material.

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Advertisement released in February 1989:


iafdar Hashm I Kmi^SM^i^l Memorial Trust

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Committee

National Street Theatre Day 12 April 1989 (Safdar's birthday)

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Cultural Festival 12-16 April 1989 at New Delhi:

>- Street theatre

>- Seminar on street theatre; exhibition of photographs of street perfbmances

>- Classical dance recital

>- Classical music concert

>- Kavi sammelan and Mushaira

> Exhibition and auction of paintings, sculptures and photographs

> Full length proscenium play

A mobile theatre van for Jan Natya Manch

Jan Utsav scheduled for early next year

Setting up of a cultural and training centre

Donate liberally to express solidarity and to defend and uphold the right to freedom of expression.

Send donations to:

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust 8, Vithal Bhai Patel House New Delhi 110 001

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