Social Scientist. v 17, no. 190-91 (March 1989) p. Front cover.

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The Notion of Science According to Bernai Delhi Science Forum 3

Some Issues in Historiography in Bernal's Science and History V.N. Deshpande 13

Science, Falsification and Ideology P. Purkayastha 22

Are Scientific Theories Incommensurable? V. Sudhakar 31

Copernicus, Columbus, Colonialism and the Role of Science in Nineteenth Century India S. Irfan Habib, Dhruv Raina 51

The Physicalist Paradigm in Economic Planning Sukumar Muralidharan 67

The Abstract and the Concrete in the Definition of

Space and Time K. Theckedath 76

Walking on Three Legs: Science, Commonsense and Ideology D. Raghunandan 92

Book Review 101

190- 191

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