Social Scientist. v 17, no. 192-93 (May-June 1989) p. Verso.

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VOLUME 17 NUMBERS 5-6 MAY-JUNE 1989ADVISORY EDITORS EDITORIAL BOARDAshok Mitra Madhu Prasad Amalendu Guha Utsa Patnaik Irfan Habib R.R.Krishnan Amiya Bagchi D.Raghunandan Kishore Theckedath C.Rajamohan Jacob Eapen C.P.Chandrasekhar - ^CONTRIBUTING EDITORS MANAGING EDITORThomas Isaac Rajendra Prasad Sanjaya Baru Atis Dasgupta EDITOR Javeed Alam Prabhat Patnaik V.K. Ramachandran Venkatesh AthreyaCIRCULATION & ADVERTISEMENT EDITORIAL OFFICE15/15 Sarvapriya Vihar 424, V.P.House New Delhi 110 016. Phone: 6862924 New Delhi 110 001SUBSCRIPTION RATES Inland Foreign (In US Dollars)Single issue Rs. 10 Annual: Double issue Rs. 15 Airmail 50 Annual (individuals) Rs. 100 Sea mail 40 Annual (institutions & libraries) Rs. 150 Annual (students) Rs. 75 2 years (individuals) Rs. 175 3 years (individuals) Rs. 250 (Rs. 5 extra if by cheque) ISSN 0970 - 0293NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERSDue to escalating costs we are constrained to revise the subscription rates for Social Scientist from issue nos. 190-191. The revised rates are as follows: Single issue Rs. 10 Double issue Rs. 15 Annual subscription (individuals) Rs. 100 Annual subscription (institutions & libraries) Rs. 150 Annual subscription (students) Rs. 75 ' Subcription for 2 years (individuals) Rs. 175 ^ Subscription for 3 year's (individuals) Rs. 250

While these rates will come into effect with issue nos. 190-191, those who have already

subscribed would continue to get the journal at the old rates till their subscription


Please also note the change in address. The new address is 15/15 Sarvapriya Vihar,

New Delhi 110 016.

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