Social Scientist. v 1, no. 1 (Aug 1972) p. 2.

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Social Scientist

Monthly Journal of the Indian School of Social Sciences

VOL. 1 NO. 1 AUGUST 1972


K Mathew Kurian 3 Role of the Marxist Intellectuals in India Today

M J K Thavaraj 12 Constraints on Resource Mobilisation in India Mohan Thaxnpi 30 World-Outlook and Literary Value

D Banerji 39 Strategy for Family Planning: Retrospect and Prospect

Harbans Mukhia 45 Communalism : A Study in its Socio-Historical Perspective


58 Priorities in Research on Scheduled Tribes 65 Aligarh Muslim University Act


Prakash Karat 71 Kerala : Yenan of India Anand Prakash 78 Kavita Ke Naye Pratiman

Articles, notes and reviews express the views of their Authors and not necessarily of the Editors er of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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