Social Scientist. v 18, no. 200-01 (Jan-Feb 1990) p. Verso.

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VOLUME 18 NUMBERS 1-2 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 1990ADVISORY EDITORS EDITORIAL BOARDAshok Mitra Madhu Prasad Amalendu Guha Utsa Patnaik Irfan Habib R.R.Krishnan Amiya Bagchi D.Raghunandan Kishore Theckedath C.Rajamohan Jacob Eapen C.P.ChandrasekharCONTRIBUTING EDITORS MANAGING EDITORThomas Isaac Rajendra Prasad Sanjaya Baru Atis Dasgupta EDITOR Javeed Alam Prabhat Patnaik V.K. Ramachandran Venkatesh AthreyaCIRCULATION & ADVERTISEMENT EDITORIAL OFFICE15/15 Sarvapriya Vihar 424, V.P.House New Delhi 110 016. Phone: 6862924 New Delhi 110 001SUBSCRIPTION RATES Inland Foreign (In US Dollars)Single issue Rs. 10 Annual: Double issue Rs. 15 Airmail 50 Annual (individuals) Rs. 100 Sea mail 40 Annual (institutions & libraries) Rs. 150 Annual (students) Rs. 75 2 years (individuals) Rs. 175 3 years (individuals) Rs. 250 (Rs. 5 extra if by cheque) ISSN 0970 - 0293NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERSDue to escalating costs we are constrained to revise the subscription rates for Social Scientist from issue nos. 190-191. The revised rates are as follows: ^ Single Issue Rs 10 Double issue Rs. 15 i Annual subscription (individuals) Rs. 100 Annual subscription (institutions & libraries) Rs. 150 Annual subscription (students) Rs. 75 Subscription for 2 years (individuals) Rs. 175 Subscrition for 3 years (individuals) Rs. 250

While these rates will come into effect with issue nos. 190-191, those who have already

subscribed would continue to get the journal at the old rates till their subscription


Please also note the change in address. The new address is 15/15 Sarvapriya Vihar,

New Delhi 110 016.

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15/15, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi 110 016.

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