Social Scientist. v 18, no. 200-01 (Jan-Feb 1990) p. Back material.

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(A Government of Kerala Undertaking)

(jRegd. Office: 'Bhadratha^, Trichur: 2cT)

Don't you want to partake in the Government programme for development of the State?

You can do so and at the same time earn a handsome amount by way of interest.

KSFE, a Government of Kerala undertaking is accepting deposits at attractive rates of interest. Repayment guaranteed by the Government of Kerala.

> 1 year upto 2 years : 11% > 2 years upto 3 years : 12% > 3 years : 13%

Amounts accepted in multiples of Rs. 100/-

Other Schemes include Sugama Deposits offering 8% interest.

KSFE gives financial assistance for household durables, vehicles and employment Oriented Hire Purchase Schemes.

Enquire about our perennial Chitty Scemes, Liberalised norms for surety, etc. at our Branches spread throughout Kerala.

KSFE for Prosperity for all!

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