Social Scientist. v 18, no. 205-06 (June-July 1990) p. Front cover.

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Introduction K.N. Fanikkar

Communalism and the Historical Legacy: Some Facets RomilaThapar 4

Communal Violence in Twentieth Century Colonial Bengal Suranjan Das 21

War Over Music: The Riots of 1926 in Bengal P.K. Dutta 38

Seminar on 'Communalism in India': A Report Srimanjari 49

NOTE Whatever Has Happened to Imperialism? Prabhat Patnaik 73

DISCUSSION Adi Sankara: A Critique of E.M.S. Namboodidiripad's Views Kanai Banerjee 77

REVIEW ARTICLE Utopia and Despair Margit Koves & Shaswati Mazumdar 85

REVIEW ARTICLE Women and the Household in Asia Nina Rao 93


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