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Capital Accumulation and Workers' Struggle in Indian Industrialisation:

The Case of Tata Iron and Steel Company 1910-197e

By SATYA BRATA DATTA 1990. Pp.295. Royal. ISBN81-7074-0338-X.Rs.200

A study of the twin themes of capital accumulation and worker struggle in interaction with each other at the level of enterprise entails combining business and labour history;

indeed linking the paths of business and labour history has rarely received systematic attention within existing economic history research in India. This study attempts to fill this gap keeping in mind that the logic of inter-capital competition as a dynamic force in the process of capital accumulation (i.e. expansion of capital) is underestimated by Bravennan's (and thereby Marx's) critics.

Agrarian Structure and Peasant Movements in Colonial and Post-Independence India:: An Annotated Bibliography

Compiled and edited by ARUN GHOSH 1990. Pp.179. ISBN 81-7074-065-7. Rs. 150

The bibliography contains classified and annotated lists of research contributions, regionally diverse and of multi-disciplinary character, on agrarian structure and peasant movements in colonial and post-independence India. In many ways it represents the best efforts of Indian social science research which will continue to influence scholarly works for many years to come. Articles for the bibliography have been culled from 35 composite books and 16 scholarly journals. A few Govt. of India reports and mimeographed research papers published by research institutions of standing have also been included.

Gandhi: Theory and Practice Social Impact and Contemporary Relevence

Edited by S.C.BISWAS

(Sponsored by Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla) Reprinted 1990. Pp. 635. Royal. ISBN: 81-7074-058-4. Rs. 200

The book deals essentially with Mahatma Gandhi's ideas in relation to economy, politics, ethics and society. The wide scope of the book and the excellence of individual contributions bestow upon it a quality of lasting relevance. The reader will find ample reward in this serious study of perhaps the greatest man of our times.


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