Social Scientist. v 18, no. 207-08 (Aug-Sept 1990) p. Back material.

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Bidi-Rolling in Rural Development/S. Giriappa Rs. 80

Character, Manners and Customs of the People of India/

AbbeJ.A.Dubois Rs.550

Changing Status of Depressed Castes in Contemporary India/

S.N. Chaudhary Rs. 130

Dimensions of Rural Poverty/P. Perraju Sarma Rs. 240

Demographic Change and Levels of Living: Studies in National

Development in an International Context /Rathindra P. Sen Rs. 140

Economic Activities of Children: Dimensions, Causes and

Consequences/B.M. Dinesh Rs. 100

Education and Social Mobility: A Text with Reference to

Scheduled Castes/P.N. Pandey Rs. 150

Juvenile Delinquency in India: An Etiological Analysis/

Chandana Sarkar Rs. 225

The Original Inhabitants of Bharatavarsa or India/Gustav Oppert Rs. 550 The Patkoi Nagas/S.C. Sardeshpande Rs. 225 Regional Development and Family Planning/S. Siva Raju Rs. 150 Research Methodology in Social Science/C.R. Reddy Rs. 160 The Role of Entrepreneurs in Backward Areas/H. Sadhak Rs. 150 The Role of Women in Rural Development/S. Giriappa Rs. 100 Rural Banking in India: An Imperial Study/G. Savaraiah Rs. 130 Science Technology and Social Values/Syed Jafar Mahmud Rs. 90

The Uncivilized Races of Men in all Countries of the

World in 2 Vols/John M. McKenzie (Set) Rs. 1500

Political Socialization of Students in Metropolitan Culcutta/

Rama Chakraborty Rs. 190

The Gandhian Dimensions of Education/Mohit Chakrabarty Rs. 130 Third World Development Experience—Tanzania/S. Chandrasekhar Rs. 75 Tribal Culutre and History of Arunachal Pradesh/J. N. Chowdhury Rs. 200

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