Social Scientist. v 20, no. 224-25 (Jan-Feb 1992) p. Front cover.

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The Indian Fconomy in Adversity and Debt KartjkRai

htinctural Adjustment and the State:

From Consent to Coercion Sukumar Muralidharan

International Trade and Debt:

India in the Eighties Sushil Khanna

Distributional Dimensions and Macro-economic Policy !mp1i( aliens of External Liberalisation Under Structural Adjustment Korkut Boratav

^a. IG economic Policy and Planning Economic I i

Economic Adjustment: A Programme for the Medium Term A run Ghosh

Statement to the Group of Ministers on Arthur Dunkel's Di ait of the final Act on Uruguay Round of GATT Ntp,otiations SurendraJ. Patel

The Dunkel Text: An Assessment Deepak Nayyar Ri VIEW ARIICLE The Getting of Wisdom Jayati Ghosh


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