Social Scientist. v 20, no. 230-31 (July-Aug 1992) p. Back material.

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Social Scientist

Please note the changes in subscription rates, which came into effect with issue no. 221.

You may send the subscription by cheque/draft/money order*, payable to Social Scientist, along with the following details:

Name (in block letters):


Postal address:

SOCIAL SCIENTIST C-20 Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi 110 016 Phone: 686 2924

SUBSCRIPTION RATES (inclusive of postage)*

Single issue Rs 15 Double issue Rs 20

Annual subscription (individuals) Rs 150 Annual subscription (institutions & libraries) Rs 200 Annual subscription (students) Rs 100

Subscription for two years (individuals) Rs 225 Subscription for three years (individuals) Rs 300

Foreign (in US dollars)

Air mail $ 60 Sea mail $ 50

* Rs 10 extra for outsfralion cheques.

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