Social Scientist. v 20, no. 232-33 (Sept-Oct 1992) p. Front cover.

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Akbar and Technology Irfan Habib 3

Akbar's Personality Traits and World Outlook: A Critical Reappraisal Iqtidar Alam Khan 16

Akbar's Concept of Sulah-Kul, Tulsi's Concept of Maryada and Dadu's Concept of Nipakh: A Comparative Study Savitri Chandra 31

Translations of Sanskrit Works at Akbar's Court

M. Athar Ali 38

The Profile of Akbar in Contemporary Rajasthani Literature B.L. Bhadani 46

Akbar as Reflected in the Contemporary Jain Literature in Gi Shirin Mehta -ijarat54

SYMPOSIUM Akbar and His Age 61

NOTE Akbar in Pakistani Textbooks

Mubarak Ali 73

NOTE Agrarian Structure, Contradiction and Mobilization: A Framework For the Analysis of Emerging Rural Power Partha Nath Mukherji and Bhupati B. Shahoo 77


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