Social Scientist. v 2, no. 23 (June 1974) p. 26.

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Revolutionary Techniques with Special Reference to Indian Conditions

ONE of the greatest subjects of our times, is the subject of differences, disunity and split in the world communist movement, and the struggle in defence of Marxism-Leninism, the proletarian internationalism and the unity of the world socialist camp.

The Marxists-Leninists say that world capitalism has long ago entered into the stage of general crisis, and this general crisis, at the present, is in its third stage, the state of collapse of the capitalist system and final triumph of socialism on a world scale. This Marxist-Leninist truth is challenged by the bourgeois economists and their apologists, on the ground that there has been tremendous growth of capitalist production during the last quarter of a century and there has been a great technological revolution—a four-fold increase in the volume of industrial production during the last 25 years when compared to the entire growth of capitalist productive forces during the last two centuries or so. They also say that the present day capitalism is a "planned capitalism'5 which does not face the problems of overpi eduction and under consumption, that new remedies are discovered to solve the old type periodical crises of capitalism, and that the entire theory of Marx on capitalist crisis is disproved etc.

These and similar other arguments in defence of the capitalist

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