Social Scientist. v 21, no. 242-43 (July-Aug 1993) p. Back material.

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Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality?


University of Birmingham

One of the prime fascinations of quantum physics is precisely the great conceptual leap it requires us to make from our conventional ways of thinking about the physical worid. It introduces instead the alarming possibilities that the observer's mind is the only reality, or that there may be parallel universes. Alternatively, its very contradictions may suggest that despite its manifest successes, quantum physics still leaves us in need of a further revolution in thought and the final complete theory of the physical universe. Alastair Rae's introductory exploration has been hailed as 'a masterpiece of darity', and offers an engaging guide to the theories on offer. 133pp. 0521467160 paperback Rs. 195

Space, Time and Man: A Prehistorian's View


Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge

Human understanding of time and space has been develeoping since the most primitive societies

began to record an awareness of their history and environment. Grahame dark, a distinguished

prehistorian, describes that process and its extension with the emergence of technology, social

organisation and the capacity for abstract thought.

179 pp. 48 half-tones 0 521 46762 4 paperback Rs. 195

Shakespeare's Professional Career


University of Exeter

This unique account describes Shakespeare at work against a background of theatrical rivalry.

opportunism, service to noble patrons, and political intrigue. Peter Thomson recreates

Shakespeare's writing career year by year. showing how the plays mirror their times. This account

of Elizabethan and Jacobean social and professional life offers a fascinating insight into the world

in which Shakespeare produced his plays.

232 pp. 20 line diagrams 20 half-tones 20 maps

0 521 46655 5 paperback Rs. 195

The Immortal Emperor

The Life and Legend of Constantine Palalologoa, Last Emperor of the Romans DONALD M. NICOL

Emeritus Professor, University of London

Constantine XI Palaiologos was the last Christian Emperor of Constantinople and the Byzantine

empire. In 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks, he was last seen fighting at the

city walls, but the actual circumstances of his death have remained surrounded in myth. Donald

Nicol's book tells the gripping story of Constantine's life and death, and ends with an intriguing

account of the claims of reputed descendants of his family—some remarkably recent—to be the

heirs of the Byzantine throne.

162 pp. 17 half tones 0 521 46717 9 paperback Rs. 195




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