Social Scientist. v 21, no. 244-46 (Sept-Nov 1993) p. Front cover.

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The 'Amenities of Domestic Life': Questions on Labour

Kumkum Sangari 3

Economics and Patriliny: Consumption and Authority within the Household Rajni Palriwala 47

Land, Dowry, Labour: Women in the Changing Economy of Midnapur Jayoti Gupta 74

Persistence of a Custom: Cultural Centrality of Ghunghat Prem Chowdhry 91

Women and Farm Work in Tamil Folk Songs Vijaya Ramaswamy 113

Social Pariahs and Domestic Drudges: Widowhood among Nineteenth Century Poona Brahmins Uma Chakravarti 130

Prostitution in Nineteenth Century Bengal: Construction of Class and Gender Ratnabali Chatter jee 159

Prostitutes, Patrons and the State: Nineteenth Century Awadh Kokila Dang 173

244- 46

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