Social Scientist. v 22, no. 254-55 (July-Aug 1994) p. Back material.

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Mukherjee, Arun—Crime and Public Disorder in Colonial Bengal 1861-1912

This publication is a pioneering work in this new genre of research which unfortunately is yet to develop itself in the Indian context. Taking Bengal as a case study, it explodes the colonial myth of 'hereditary criminal tribes' while establishing clear linkages between scarcity and crime. Pp. xiv+32ft 1995 Rs. 250.00

DOS Gupla, R.—Labour and Working Class in Eastern India: Studies in Colonial History

The volume is a collection of essays on the historical processes of the ^becoming7 or 'making' of working class and class consciousness within the framework of colonial capitalism in India with particular reference to Jute Mill, Tea Plantation and Coal mine workers. Pp. xxx+525 1994 Rs. 450.00

Chattopadhyay, A.—Bhupendranath Datta and his Study of Indian Society

The central aim of this study is to highlight the beginning of Indian social thinking in a systematic way and the role played by Bhupendranath Datta in the birth of Indian sociology. Pp. 221 1994 Rs. 155.00

Chattopadhyay, K.P.—Essays in Social Anthropology

The book comprises a collection of late Professor K.P. Chattopadhyay's writings in the field of anthropology. Prof. Chattopadhyay's anthropological interests covered a very wide spectrum in terms of space, time and social formation. Pp. 556 1994 Rs. 450.00

Basu, N.—The Working Class Movement: A Study of Jute Mills of Bengal 1937-47

In view of the fact that jute labour of Bengal has been discussed in some widely noticed recent works, one may wonder about the need for another book on it. Certain features of the present book sets it apart from others. The author has looked for new explanations and interpretations of works. Pp. xi+290 1994 Rs. 225.00

Nakazato, Nariaki—Agrarian System in Eastern Bengal c. 187&-1910

The book focuses on the two questions concerning land property relationships. Part One is a study of the movement of landlordism through time. Part Two is an enquiry into the upper structure of the land system of Bengal, i.e. the zamindari system. Pp. ix+337 1994 Rs. 300.00


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