Social Scientist. v 24, no. 275-77 (April-June 1996) p. Back material.

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India in a Changing World Rs 60.00 ^~"^KH" AchinVanaik

Series: Tracts for the Times ^I9^mm^mm

TU. u , . . ,T ,. , , . AU ij. j This book is an overview of India s place in the' world and

an analysis of India's foreign policy since Independence. Hi It critiques Political Realism as a 'way of seeing' the world

Cold War and the emerging new international order. It examines the concept of non-alignment and reveals the inner contradictions of the movement.

Political Sociology in India Rs 80.00 Contemporary Trends Dipankar Gupta

Politics in India is often understood in terms of exceptions. This is because Indian polity reflects the social diversity of India, and is a meeting point of a many-layered past and a self-conscious present. This book argues that these specifics do not necessarily imply an abandonment of universal categories, for the Indian experience, properly studied, often results in the enrichment of analytical concepts.

The Rediscovery of India Rs 395.00 m/^m^.^^mmsssk

A New Subcontinent .

Ansar Hussain Khan ,

"... in this stimulating and provocative book, (Khan) I >-traces the history of the subcontinent from the pre-Aryan f days to what he foresees as a future of confederation f among its currently contentious constituents. But there are plenty of other stories here: of earliest Muslim invaders, of imperialists and secular nationalists, of i Mountbatten's intervention to influence the Radcliffe Award in favour of India..."

India Today, January 15,1996

Orient Longman

3-6-272 Himayatnagar, Hyderabad 500 029

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