Social Scientist. v 3, no. 27 (Oct 1974) p. 64.

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To All Progressive Writers An Appeal

Here is the English version of the statement adopted at the Northern Regional Conference of the Desabhimani Study Circle held at Tirur^ Kerala^ on August 16 and 17^ 1974. It calls upon all progressive writers to make literatuu the sharpest weapon for demolishing the^ feudal-capitalist cultural base and^^tdwg^MW democratic society;

for the defence of democratic gains and advancing towards socialist goals.

IN the brief span of four years since the Desabhimani Study Circle came into being, a number of debates and symposia were organized under its auspices; its active members have participated in debates and discussions sponsored by other organizations. These exchanges, on various forums and at different levels, helped to clarify the concepts of literary form and content, among writers and readers alike, from within the Circle and without.

Simultaneously, poems, short stories, novels, plays, children's litera-ture and the like have come out which were largely in consonance with the cultural point of view represented by the Study Circle. The Desa^ bhimani Weekly opened its pages for a lively communication of ideas among lovers of literature and critics.Two publishing houses, the Shakti Publications and the Ghintha Publishers, were founded with the specific purpose of bringing out works propagating the basic outlook of the StKtdy Circle. The Desabhimani Book House was-inaugurated to distribute such literature far and wide.

Although not openly professing these aims, several other individuals and groups writing and disseminating such literary works are to be found in many parts of Kerala. It is at a time when the scene is set for a new cultural advance in which the Study Circle has played a modest role, that the Northern Regional Conference of delegates from all districts is being held. Learning from our experience, we resolve to bring about a new cultural resurgence which will not only stop the degenerate trends in society and culture, but also strengthen all the revolutionary forces on the political front. We take this opportunity to appeal to the progressive activists in the'cultural field for their co-operation and support,

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