Social Scientist. v 25, no. 286-287 (Mar-April 1997) p. Back material.

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upon the study of social, economic and political problems of contemporary concern. It is proposed to publish articles of a general nature as well as those focused on particular themes. There will also be a book review section. To ensure high standards, only referred materials will be included in the journal.

The Review will be edited by a board consisting of Prof. T.N. Maclan (Social Anthropology) as Editor-in-Chief and Professors Amiya K. Bagchi (Economic History), Sabyasachi Bhattacharya (History), Ashish Bose (Demography), Suma Chitnis (Education), Sudhir Kakkar (Psychology), Kuldip Mathur (Political Science) Deepak Nayyar (Economics), T.K. Oommen (Sociology) and Dr K.V. Sunclaram (Geography), as members.

Among the themes that will be addressed in the first few issues of the Review are (a) the emergence and erosion of institutions, (b) centre and periphery in economic and political development, and (c) aspects of violence in society.

The Review invites papers on the above themes as well as articles of a general nature that follow the interdisciplinary approach, to reach the undersigned by 30 April 1998 for the first number, or later for subsequent numbers. The length'of papers should be between 5000 and 8000 words. Shorter communications and research notes may also be considered. A style sheet will be supplied on request.

For correspondence and further information contact:

DrParthaS. Ghosh

Managing Editor, Indian Social Science Review

ICSSR, P.O. Box No. 10528

Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

New Delhi- 110067

Tel: (011)617-9843 Eax: (011)617-9836

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