Social Scientist. v 25, no. 294-295 (Nov-Dec 1997) p. Back material.

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New Books from .P Bagchi

Chakrabarti, R: UNO; A study in Essentials Rs. 300.00

Dutta Gupta, S (ed.): India: Politics and Society Today and Tomorrow Rs. 350.00

Mukhopadhyay, C: K/jarw; 77ie Victim of Social Stigma Rs. 200.00

Seshadri, K: Srivaishnavism and Social Change Rs. 240.00

Ray, K: History of Public Health: Colonial Bengal 1922-1947 Rs. 480.00

Now Published from India

Socialist Register 199& The Communist Manifesto Now

ed.byLeoPanitchandColinLeys Rs. 300.00 Socialist Register 1997; Ruthless Criticism of all that Exists

ed. by Leo Panitch Rs. 300.00

Also available

Socialist Register 1996: Are There Alternatives 12.95

Socialist Register 1995: Why not Capitalism 12.95

Socialist Register 1994: Between Globalism and Nationalism 12.95

Socialist Register 1993; Real Problems False Solutions 10.95

Socialist Register 1992; New World Order 10.95

Socialist Register 1991; Communist Regimes: The Aftermath 10.95

Books Published by Monthly Review Press

Amin, S: Spectres of Capitalism: A Critique of

Current Intellectual Fashions f Fischer,E: How to Read Karl Marx $ 12.00 Galeano, E : Open Veins of Latin America ! Hinton, W: The Great Reversal: The Privatization in China, 1978-1989 $ 14.00 McChesney, R W & Ors. (eds.): Capitalism and the Information Age:

The Political Economy $ 16.00 Ortiz, V: Che Guevara: Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War Wood, E M & Foster, J B (eds.): In Defence of History:

Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda \

Books Published by the Merlin Press

Finkel, A & Leibovitz, C: The Chamberlian Hitler Collusion 12.95

Gillott, J & Kumar, M : Science and the Retreat from Reason 10.95

Macleod, A: The DeathofUncle Joe 9.95

Meszaros, I: Beyond Capital: Towards a Theory of Transition 14.95

Thompson^ E P: The Poverty of Theory: Or an Orrey of Erros 8.95

: Persons and Polemics 12.95

At Reduced Prices

Davidson, A: Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual

Biography (9.95) Rs. 250.00

Liebman, M: Leninism Under Lenin (9.95) Rs. 350.00

Lukacs,Geor%: The Historical Novel (8.95) Rs. 170.00

: The Theory of the Novel ( 5.95) Rs. 80.00

: Essays on Thomas Mann (5.95) Rs. 140.00

Meszaros, I: Marx's Theory of Alienation ( 9.95) Rs. 350.00

VasqueziAif and Society: Essays in Marxist Aesthetics ( 8.95) Rs. 300.00


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