Social Scientist. v 3, no. 29 (Dec 1974) p. 2.

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Social ScientistMonthly Journal of the Indian School of Social SciencesVOLUME 3 DECEMBER < NUMBER 5 1974E^ , .\CONTENTS\ / / / Suhas Chattopadhyay 3 Inflation, Stagnal nAlternative Approach to Planning K Sivathamby 20 Early South Indian Society and Economy: The Tinai ConceptNOTESV A Gaitonde 38 An Answer to the Theory of V Convergence P Mohanan Pillai 52 Secondary School TeachersREPORT61 Economic Crisis in India and tlie Fifth Five Year Plan : Conclu- j sions of the Third All India Conference of the Indian ^ School of Social Sciencesy^ BOOK REVIEW i H S Verma 89 Metropolitan Hyderabad and | Its Region: A Strategy for Development

Articles, notes and book review express the views of their authors and not ^ necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences, f^


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