Social Scientist. v 1, no. 2 (Sept 1972) p. 61.

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Whereas this planet is studied with armaments, and culture and civilisations are nurtured on thousands of years old religious and racial beliefs and hatreds and prejudices $

Whereas the highest crime rate and homicide occur in the most advanced nations of this earth $

Whereas education and welfare departments receive a far below funds than contractors of ever increasing super-highways, super-safety prisons and super-military establishments $ ^

Whereas the system of economy—historically and functionally is based on destruction of well-being of other nations (reference to genocide of American nations and colonisation of Asian, African, and the Pacific island nations) ;

Whereas the academic have compromised with the system to work indiscreetly and unabashedly for the institutionalised violence, and for the agencies of deceit, murder and assassinations and subversions (Most American universities are associated with the Defence and GIA financed research projects) $

I consider it not only a duty, but an obligation of a philospher to ^ lead the society ; a philospher who has the courage of Socrates to defy the legislators and be prepared to stand in the dock for 'corrupting the youth^^

v! see no philosopher out in the street with the questioning youth of our times $ philosophers are not with them in their struggle, in their experiment and search for truth about the exploitative socio-political structure. The youth of today stand condemned by the State, by the legislators, haunted and harassed by the 'law and order9 authorities, and abandoned and cursed by many elders. I think the responsibility of this unfortunate state of affairs must be shared by the philosophers who during the last several decades never considered it significant enough even to get concerned about this phenomena. Now, the reality of unrest is before us and as philosophers we cannot live by the doctrine of suspended judgement.


Hindi Literary Scene and Some Left Magazines

THERE has never been a dearth of magazines in Hindi. However, their origin has been, by and large, in an individual wish to further purely personal interests. Sometimes, the same personal interests also induce writers to form a group of 'like-minded5 people to pursue their narrow interest of making a grade in literary reputation. Such a literary reputation may then be used to enhance social and financial prospects by becoming

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