Social Scientist. v 3, no. 30-31 (Jan-Feb 1975) p. Back material.

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preserve andCnjoy your favourite fruits and vegetables throughout the year get them canned when they are in abundance. Visit the Community Canning and Preservation Centre. Also learn to pruc66 tiuit products of yoi flv<" ^ ruits Bg'etalchoice, such as chutneys, juices, pickles and marr Contact the centr name and ask for information abou - to be proce; ble")s

d TRAINING (two weeks) | FREE.S^; Certificate ^),

^^^^ g iven.^"-VISIT COMMUNITY CANNING AND PRESERVATION CENTRE QQt (Government of India) x^^ L Makkapuzha House, ^y^/^ T.C. No. 9/376, Clf IL Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum. Telephone No. 61239. C3 r what you can 1i what you liked^vp 74/372 '

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