Social Scientist. v 26, no. 304-305 (Sept-Oct 1998) p. Back material.

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_B*^ fNtu/\ Essays on Colonialism

This collection of eight essays brings together Bipan Chandra's finest writings on colonialism and nationalism in India, spanning two decades. While critically examining the colonial school of analysis, the author lucidly puts forth his understanding of the core elements of colonialism. He also clearly demonstrates that post-colonial societies can develop as independent economies even as they remain integrated with world capitalism.

Also by Orient Longman

Colonialism in Action Debdas Banerjee Forthcoming Nationalism and Colonialism in Modern India Bipan Chandra


Orient Longman

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The Long Transition Essays on Political Economy


A selection of essays covering a wide range of fields from economic theory to economic history, the problems of socialist economics and the dynamics of Indian agriculture. They attempt to engage with 'the present as history', the 'present' marked by the phenomenon of imperialism whose conceptual presence permeates many of the essays. The concepts of class and the mode of production are developed and used for exploring these issues.

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