Social Scientist. v 27, no. 318-319 (Nov-Dec 1999) p. Back material.

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State, Society and Ideology in Early Medieval India D.N.Jha(ed)

A collection of fifteen articles by eminent historians with an unquestionable grasp of

a deep understanding of historical processes at work in early medieval India. 81-7304-229-2 DemySvo 2000 552p. Rs. 750


Plassey Revolution of 1757 Sushil Chaudhury

This is a perceptive and comprehensive study of the Plassey Revolution of 1757. The author looks at the event in all its aspects such as Bengal under the Nawab, the activities of the European companies and the Indian traders, the genesis of the conspiracy, the imperatives of the revolution and its aftermath.

81-7304-301-9 DemySvo 2000 192p. Rs. 375

The State in Medieval Kashmir

R.L. Hangloo

Using Sanskrit, Persian and other sources the author provides a lucid and analytical account of the political processes in medieval Kashmir.

81-7304-251-9 DemySvo 2000 150p. Rs. 300

Society, Economy and the Market Commercialization in Rural Bengal c. 1760-1800

Rajat Datta

The overarching theme of this book is to analyse the dynamics of commercial relations in Bengal's countryside in the late eighteenth century.

81-7304-341-8 Demy8vo 2000 376p. Rs. 700

Social and Economic History of Assam (1853-1921)

Rajen Saikia

This study unravels the often overlooked aspects of social and economic history of Assam and analyses the decline of the old ruling gentry and the death of the traditional and cottage industries due to foreign rule and internal limitations.

81-7304-344-2 DemySvo 2000 258p. Rs.400

Sikh Forms and Symbols

Mohinder Singh (ed)

The five Ks of the Sikh tradition are the cornerstone of its faith. This volume contains authoritative essays in support of Sikh symbols by eminent scholars like Bhai Jodh Singh, Prof. Teja Singh, Prof. Mcleod among others.

81-7304-310-8 DemySvo 2000 180p. Rs. 300


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