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Religion and Dalit Liberation: An Examination of Perspective

John C.B. Webster

This book has a double focus: the religious strategies which Dalits have adopted to free themselves from religiously imposed, religiously sanctioned degradation and the perspectives from which this subject has been studied. It begins with a description first of Dalit religion at the end of the nineteenth century and then of some of the subsequent movements of religious change among Dalits. It presents next the view of religion developed by Dr. Ambedkar, the chief theoretician on the subject, and shows how that view was reflected in his analyses of Hindu, Christian and Buddhist religion.

JOHN C. B. WEBSTER studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York (M. Div.), Lucknow University (M.A.) And the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.).

ISBN 81-7304-327-2 (Hb) 1999 Demy 8vo 124p. Rs. 250 ISBN 81-7304-332-9 (Pb) Rs. 150

The Indian Mother Goddess: Third Enlarged Edition N.N. Bhattacharyya

. . . you have not only collected a great deal of very important material but have also organzied them wonderfully well and this from a carefully worked out sociological approach. This has given us a really fine study in comparative religion, which you have brought a modern mind to work upon/ - Niharranjan Ray, renowned Indologist, on the first edition.

The study, a standard work on the subject, correlates the cult of Indian Mother Goddess with similar cults found in different parts of the world. It reveals interesting historical processes working behind the origin and development of the cult. It further highlights its popularity among the masses, specially among the lower order, its functional role in space and time and its entry into the so called higher forms of religious systems of India and abroad. As an Indologist, DR. N.N. BHATTACHARYYA requires no introduction. Author of more than twenty books he retired as professor from Calcutta University recently.

ISBN 81-7304-324-8 1999 Demy 8vo 376p. Rs. 550

Problem of Violence: Themes in Literature

Birinder Pal Singh

It would not be unfair to label the twentieth century as the 'century of violence'. It witnessed violence which was never experienced before in the history of humankind. The current trends are also suggestive of its escalation in the near future.

What is violence? What conditions are responsible for its emergence? What are its types? It some kind of violence legitimate? If so, under what circumstances does it become constructive? It is only destructive, or possesses a creative streak too? Where does violence manifest itself? These are some of the important issues which have been discussed in this book.

Birinder Pal Singh teaches in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Punjabi University, Patiala since 1976.

ISBN: 81-85952-61-2 Rs. 350


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