Social Scientist. v 28, no. 326-327 (July-Aug 2000) p. 2.

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in Calcutta some time ago. We are pleased to be able to do so for several reasons: first, it is rarely that we in India have any access to writings on the Russian economy by Russian scholars; much of our information comes from Western "advisers" to Russia, or Indian scholars on brief visits, or even the London Economist. Secondly, the scholars we are publishing are not mere analysts gathered together at random, but subscribe to a certain common economic programme for the overcoming of the crisis, and hence constitute some sort of a platform, which makes their endeavour more interesting. Thirdly, several of the problems discussed by them are instructive in the context of our own economy once it has got launched on the trajectory of financial liberalisation. The conclusion of Glaziev's paper that "it is necessary to relinquish the IMF-imposed dogmas of the 'Washington Consensus'" would no doubt strike a chord in most of our readers.

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