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What is happening in Madhya Pradesh

that's being talked about around the world?

rMBaaal Today the world is talking about Madhya Pradesh

xfllUi Why-^

(a^^- participation in governanceTake Patients Welfare Societies tor example Through these the community has voluntarily

ff^^^^llHI lilfc^^'i^^ ^E-'X raised resources lor improving the management

^0! i^^^^^ftflflFl of hospitals This experiment has been recognised

l^g§^ ~t^i—1| t^^^^miiii^fc'^^p as the most innovative initiative in the world in

||f'|^ ^^BH lIBI^^^K the field of development and awarded the first

^R^K^'^I ^^^^^^^B^^^^^B Global Development Network Aw ard in Tokyo

j^j^jjjjj^^ by the World Bank and Government of Japan

^^^'ill^lBE^BlHll^ The Gyandoot Project on e governance tor the

i^^SI^^^SB BB^SBP^B villages won the prestigious Stockholm

^ -^KiBfc^ i Challenge Award in 2000 as a unique Government to Citi/en service This has also

^ ^ ^^BB^^B ^^^^^^" j5 won the Computer Society of India s award only

s^A:^ ^ ^m-^BB ^<* ^3i. jft recently tor the most innovative application of

Information Technology tor the year 2000

^^^^^^^W^^ffi^ '^^^^^IBI^H^j^^^^. ^W^'l^ ^: aiijh.'Bi ^1 The Education Guarantee Scheme ot Madhya

HBBP889'^1^ i'•l^^^aBffiMs^it?^ £ «HK^•^^^•^^^^i^ ^ ^Xriri Pradesh has already become a model for several

^^Rl^^H^^^ iBBi other states in the country Over 26 000 primary

schools were opened on the demand of people-

each school within 90 days of the demand being

; ^fflll ^teBiJi^iliifiiin'i ,<: ^^HB^^^^^^iL^XSKlltelflBBBKffl made by the residents of a village The Education Guarantee Scheme now a legend has already won the highest recognition from the Commonwealth - the CAPAM AwardIt is not the Government ofMadhya Pradesh that has bagged these awards, it is the people of Madhya Pradesh who are the real winners

Madhya Pradesh

^^ ^ ^^ „„,

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