Social Scientist. v 4, no. 37 (Aug 1975) p. 1.

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SocialScientistMonthly Journal of the Indian School of Social SciencesVOLUME 4 AUGUST NUMBER 1 1975 ^^::=:^./^i0\//^ '^\\, ^( Ramkote }o\\ CONTENTS ^S!1^ ^ )V^^'D-^!^^^Prakash Karat 5 Theoretical Aspects of the National Question3 1 iIrfan Habib 14 Emergence of NationalitiesAjit Roy 21 National Problems in India and Pre-revolutionary RussiaE M S Namboodiripad 33 Glass Character of the Nationalist MovementShibani Kinkar Chaube Sunil Munsi 40 Regional Development and the Amalendu Guha National Question in Northeast IndiaPartha Chatterjee 67 Bengal: Rise and Growth of a Nationality

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