Social Scientist. v 4, no. 39 (Oct 1975) p. 2.

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ROGER BARTRA, who is in the Institute of Social Research at the Autonomous University of Mexico, is editor of HISTORIA Y SOCIEDAD.

SOURIN BHATTACHARTA is in the department of economics, Jadavpur Unwersity^ Calcutta.

SUBHAS BHATTACHARTA teaches history at Katwa College, University of Burdwan.

Dr M G S NARATANAN is professor of history at Calicut University. Dr MOHAN THAMPI is reader in English, Banaras Hindu University.


THE AUTHORS of "Regional Development and the National Question m North-east India" (Social Scientist 37) wish to acknowledge that it was originally read at a seminar on "Development in North-east India^ sponsored by the North East India Council for Social Science Research at Shillong in March 1974. The inadvertent omission to mention this when the article appeared in the August 1975 number is regretted.

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