Social Scientist. v 1, no. 3 (Oct 1972) p. 34.

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Education in the Fifth Five Tear Plan

THE draft proposal on 'Education in the Fifth Five Year Plan5 has been approved by the Central Advisory Board of Education and a 'comprehensive and integrated9 strategy of educational development has been promised in the draft We propose to analyse in this article the draft, particularly in view of the overall background in which the plan proposal has been made.

The economic crisis set in during the mid-sixties continues unabated despite marginal and temporary adjustments. It has now been virtually recognised that a continuous spurt in industrial production within the present economic system is largely impossible. The 'green revolution9 has produced greater income disparities in the countryside and land reform promises are no longer taken seriously. While TŁe employment potentiality of the industrial sector is weakening, under the overall framework of the new agricultural strategy, the farm sector doesnot have any scope for additional employment creation in the rural sector. As a result, fiscal measures are being growingly adopted as part of the 'crash employment programme5. Different types of^test relief5

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