Social Scientist. v 4, no. 40-41 (Nov-Dec 1975) p. Back material.

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ThTd** clas« about Air-India

Come and belong to the mo^ pxolusiv^ club m the air You ^o^ld be sitting next to men who move biq- business or a famous Nobel prize wirn^r you've b^en reading about You cou'-i be ^^n-?' Kanpal" (Cheers') in sparklma hpanp^ style or discussing behind the ^ceres with a lovely., French st^rl^

Air-India's Pint Cla»s

Our air hostesses speak hve languages very Huently Hindi English French Foods

•na Wines

You'll discover [\ P ^^ri^ual closures o^

•atmg when you plunge your for^ mto • hiscious 'Poulet ChasseLt' or discuss . Plato over a plate of ex^nc caviar. And i^hen yo'Jt lift yotir tro^^d rfl??<'-

champagne and look into the warm eyea of a beautiful air hostess you'll know you have ready lived (There's enough to get you high ana happy') Late^-when (if) you leave your super cushioned throne you can saunter up to tne suave Maharajah Lounge our plush 747 clubroom, Play a round of bridge, make important contacts, clinch a deal.

Or do something you ve always wan^d to—nothing'

You haven't really flown if you haven t flown Air-India First Class.

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