Social Scientist. v 4, no. 42 (Jan 1976) p. Back material.

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• The conclusions which emerged at the public sessions and group discussions of the Trivandrum conference from 27 to 30 December 1975 will appear in the next number of the SOCIAL SCIENTIST, the February issue. ^

Ensure your copy by placing an order with the newsagent, or better writing to us direct. If your subscription has expired, renew it NOW so that you have the upshot, in black and white, of one of the most stimulating deliberations of the International Women's Year.

•The SOCIAL SCIENTIST'S 200-page Special Number on Womeir which came out last month at the All-India Conference contains Valuable studies on the women's movement for emancipation.

W? have a few copies left at the original price of five rupees. Rush your order with the remittance (Rs 5-25 by ordinary post and Rs 6.50 by registered post) to: «

Manager Social Scientist Indian School of Social Sciences Trivandrum-1.

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