Social Scientist. v 6, no. 62 (Sept 1977) p. 1.

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Social ScientistMonthly Journal of the Indian School of Social SciencesVOLUME 6 SEPTEMBER NUMBER 2 1977CONTENTSGeorges KristofTel Lieten 3 Education^ Ideology and Politics in Kerala 1957-59Gail Omvedt 21 Women and Rural Revolt in India, Part TwoDili? Kumar 42 The Ferazee and Wahabi Move-Chattopadhyay ments of BengalNOTE E T Mathew 52 Power Development in Kerala REPORTK K Krishnakumar 64 The Kerala Sastra Sahithya ParishadBOOK REVIEWSanjaya Baru 69 The Innovation Decision in Soviet Industry

Articles, note, report, and book review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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