Social Scientist. v 6, no. 63 (Oct 1977) p. Back material.

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QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS AND THE TRANSNATIONAL INSTITUTE Volume XIX Autumn 1977 Number 2DAVID EDGAR Racism, facism and the politics of the National FrontBASIL DAVIDSON Angola since independenceEDMUNDO DESNOES The last summer'. Cuba and HemingwayFRED HALLIDAY British mercenaries and counter-insurgencyNotes on Zaire and Sri Lanka Book reviewsRace & C/ass is available to individuals on subscription at$10/5.50 per annum ($15 for institutions).

1 enclose $10/5.50 for 1 year's subscription to Race 0- Class starting with the current issue.Name

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Send to the Institute of Race Relations, 247 Pentonville Road, London N1 UK (please send cash with order, cheques made payable to 'The Institute of Race Relations').

Published and edited by Jacob Eapen on behalf of the Indian School of Social Sciences, Trivandrum 695 001, and printed by him at S B Press, Trivandrum 695 001.

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