Social Scientist. v 6, no. 66-67 (Jan-Feb 1978) p. 1.

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Monthly Journal of the

Indian School of Social Sciences


NUMBER 6/7 1978


Ashok Mitra 3 Introduction

Ranjit Sau 9 West Bengal : Freak of History or

Yenan of India

Sunil Munshi 14 Calcutta : Classes and Class Polic-

ies in Metropolitan Development

Arabinda Biswas 25 Problems of Labour and Enter-

Nripen Bandhyopadhyay prise in West Bengal Agriculture

A Regional Study

K Nagaraj ^ ^^ Reforms in West Bengal Ranjan Ghosh 6

Vijay Kumar Thakur 68 Beginnings of Feudalism in Bengal

Anil Rai 83 Trends in the Jute Industry Since



Government of 102 Industrial Policy Resolution

West Bengal


D K Bose 109 Unemployment in West Bengal

Angshutosh Khan

Gautam Bose 114 Left Cultural Movement in West

Debaprasad Chakrabarti Bengal

Articles, document and notes express the views of the culhors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences,

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