Social Scientist. v 6, no. 66-67 (Jan-Feb 1978) p. 102.

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growers are yet to learn the fine distinction between different grades and their respective prices they just fail to understand that they are being cheated. See ^Jute Grower Thrown to the Wolves", Economic and Political Weekly» Septem-ber 18, 1976.

44 See Economic Times 9 September 19, 1975.

45 "Jute industry: Pressure Tactics" Economic and Political Weekly, July 3, 1976. The mills generally argue that untess the industry gets adequate bank credit on liberal terms it would not be able to buy raw "jute in large quantities and if it fails to purchase the stocks, the price will fall.

46 "IJMA Wins Again" Economic and Political Weekly, November 12, 1975. One method by which we can form a rough idea of foreign exchange leakage in this industry is the following: From GIF import data for W Europe, USAy etc We subtract the FOB value of our jute goods exports. If the difference is less than the freight and insurance changes obtainable from Indian shipping statistics, then the^residue is being siphoned off to Swiss banks. We suspect that main manipulation is done through freight charges.

417 Sec N C Roy, Mystery of Bajoria Jalan House, Alpha Publishing Concern, Calcutta, 1972,pp 155-60.

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