Social Scientist. v 7, no. 73-74 (Aug-Sept 1978) p. 2.

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AMITA KUMAM^HCHUs Fdl^'at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences^ Calcuffff.

D BAiWERff ^ Professor ok th^ Gmtye for Community Health and Social Medi^ir^, Jawaharlal Mehfru Unwrsity, New Delhi.

S C BHATIA teaches at the Department of English, ARS D College, Univer' sity of Delhi,

NK CHAMDRA is Professor at the Indian Institute of Mwa^cwnt, Calcutta.

NICO TSlELST^RA teaches at the Anthropological-Sociological Centre, University of Amsterdam.

K K THECKEDATH iythe'Oe^ral Secretary of the Maharashtra Federation of University and College Tefichm^ Organi^iw^iitwbay.

K VIJAYACHANDRAN is an Executive of the Bharat Heavy Electricals 'Limited, Mw Delhi.

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